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Food & Drinks
Baarn & Lage Vuursche

Some practical information for visitors

In this section I will tell you about all the places where you can find food & drinks in Baarn and Lage Vuursche. I have included snackbars, coffee bars, take away restaurants and of course the restaurants.
I will be updating this regularly. If you find anything that is no longer valid or if you have any additions please let me know.
If you are a restaurant owner and you want to be listed here too, please send me your information.

Review on FaceBook
Restaurant Eemlust - March 17, 2017
We had lunch at this restaurant last Friday. We had made a reservation and we got a nice table at the window with a view on the river. The lunch was good and tasty. The service was good. We consider the prices correct.

M & G.
Review Example
Restaurant Example

We had on Sunday. We had a special 3 course menu. The food was good and tasty. The service was good. We consider the prices correct.

Jane & Robert McMarrith.
Dublin, Ireland

Your opinion?

What is your opinion about this restaurant in Baarn? Did you like the place? Did you like the service? How was the food? How was the price? Send us your opinion about a restaurant in Baarn or Lage Vuursche. You can do so using my review form (coming soon).

Send your review about a restaurant, coffee bar, snackbar or take away restaurant in Baarn or Lage Vuursche.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee & Tea Bars in Baarn
Let's go shopping in Baarn

As shopper & fashionista I spend a lot of time walking and shopping in Baarn. Of course I need a rest once in a while. A great moment for a good cup of coffee or tea, preferably with a yummy cake. I am sure you will appreciate the nice coffee & tea bars in our village. I have listed them for you. Some of them serve breakfast and/or lunch as well.

Coffee & tea bars

De Smaecken van Hamelink
Laanstraat 19
3743 BA Baarn

specialty: ice cream

T +31 35 542 6530

LAB lunch - fashion & lifestyle
Laanstraat 24
3743 BG Baarn

T +31 6 46023976

See our special!

Boot Koffie
Laanstraat 49
3743 BB Baarn

T +31 35 541 7178

Bakker Bart
Laanstraat 56
3743 BG Baarn

T +31 35 542 6012

Mi Casa Su Casa
Laanstraat 111
3743 BD Baarn

See our special!

Theehuis 't Hooge Erf
Hoge Vuurseweg 11
3742 AB De Lage Vuursche

T +31 35 646 8212

Royal Baarn
List of Restaurants

Restaurants in Baarn

Dorsthuys Demmers & Spijslokaal
Brink 14
3741 AL Baarn

T +31 35 542 4220

Grand Café De Kerkbrink
Brink 12
3741 AL Baarn

T +31 35 542 5585

Restaurant Cosa
Amalialaan 1
3743 KE Baarn

T +31 35 541 2913

See our special!

Klein Fornuis
Laandwarsstraat 15
3743 BS Baarn

T +31 35 622 4543

Greek Restaurant Olympia
Nieuw Baarnstraat 18
3743 BR Baarn

T +31 35 542 2493

Restaurant Joyah Eten & Drinken
Nieuw Baarnstraat 4e
3743 BR Baarn

T +31 35 542 5885

Eethuys-Café 'De Generaal'
Lt. Gen. van Heutszlaan 5
3743 JL Baarn

T +31 35 542 1784

Restaurant Greenfield's
Amsterdamsestraatweg 42
3741 GS Baarn

T +31 35 541 2576

Restaurant / Rederij Eemlust
(terrace along the Eem river)
Eemweg 72
3741 LC Baarn

T +31 35 541 4387

Brasserie De Grote Kom
(also snackbar nextdoors)
Torenlaan 71
3742 CS Baarn

T +31 35 54 132 88

Chinese Restaurant De Lange Muur
(also take away & home order service)
Laanstraat 48
3743 BG Baarn

T +31 35 542 9708

Chinese Restaurant Peking
(also take away & home order service)
Stationsweg 39
3743 EM Baarn

T +31 35 541 3953

Chinees Afhaalcentrum Hong Kong
(take away & home order service)
Oosterstraat 33
3742 SK Baarn

T +31 35 541 5644

O Sole Mio Italian Restaurant
(take away & home order service)
Brinkstraat 18
3741 AN Baarn

T +31 35 631 4904

Restaurants in Lage Vuursche

Familierestaurant 't Jagershuis
Dorpsstraat 11
3749 AC Lage Vuursche

T +31 35 666 8202

Pannenkoekenhuis De Vuursche Boer
Dorpsstraat 34-36
3749 AD Lage Vuursche

T +31 35 666 8213

Restaurant De Bosrand Lage Vuursche
Dorpsstraat 33
3749 AC Lage Vuursche

T +31 35 666 8290

Restaurant De Lage Vuursche
Dorpsstraat 2
3749 AD Lage Vuursche

T +31 35 666 8351

Pannekoekenrestaurant Het Vuursche Bos
Dorpsstraat 25
3749 AC Lage Vuursche

T +31 35 666 8426

Royal Baarn
List of Snackbars


Snackbar Petershof
Eemnesserweg 61
3743 AE Baarn

Specialty: ice cream bar

T +31 35 541 5595

De Ronde Hoek
Brink 28
3741 AL Baarn

T +31 35 541 1700

Cafetaria Sefa
Laanstraat 43
3743 BB Baarn

T +31 35 533 9133

Frietzaak De Buren
Laanstraat 119
3743 BD Baarn

Cafetaria Hartje Baarn
Reigerstraat 2
3742 VP Baarn

T +31 35 543 0701

Cafetaria Sofie
Pompstraat 2
3742 WL Baarn

T +31 35 541 2812

Restaurants in Baarn
Royal Special
Lab lunch fashion & lifestyle

Lab lunch fashion & lifestyle - Laanstraat 24, 3743 BG Baarn

Owner, cook & waiter Mark speaks English and Spanish. His lunchroom is situated in a special store with small designer's shops. It is a cosy place with friendly service. Apart from the menu offered special tea & cake arrangements are possible, a nice idea for a afternoon tea with your friends. Just call Mark and ask him about the possiblities.

Excellent healthy and wholesome lunch, fresh fruit smoothies and pastry

Telephone +31 (0)6 46023976

Royal Special
Mi Casa Su Casa Baarn

Mi Casa Su Casa Baarn - Laanstraat 111, 3743 BD Baarn

Owner, cook & waiter Marcia speaks English. This coffee bar is often visited by people from other countries and has a quite international character. The furniture and decorations are classic designs. There are vinyl records, books, magazines & newspapers. It's a small place but still offers enough seats for a surprising number of people.

Mi Casa Su Casa Baarn also organizes cultural events, for example home like concerts. Mi Casa Su Casa in Baarn is not only your Espresso/Teabar - it's a home away from home

espresso/teabar - specialty coffee - retro postcards - comfort food/drinks - Bean to bar Chocolate - Vintage vinyl - Modern vinyl

Royal Special
Cosa Cucina & Winebar Diner

Cosa Cucina & Winebar Diner - Amalialaan 1, 3743 KE Baarn

At Cosa guests can enjoy all the good food offered buy the traditional Italian cuisine. Buon cibo, Buon vino, Buoni amic. Good food, good wine, good friends!

Cosa often welcomes guests from abroad, there is a menu in Dutch & Italian available (also online), languages spoken are Dutch, English and German.

Online reviews of Cosa are available: Couverts and FaceBook

T +31 35 541 2913

Map of Baarn