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Welcome - Bienvenue - Willkommen - Velkommen - Tervetuloa - καλως ηρθες bienvenido

It is a pleasure to meet you here on Royal Baarn, my website for tourists. Let me show you around in Baarn our pretty village in the centre of The Netherlands.
My aim is to show our village to you & to inspire people who are looking for a nice stay in The Netherlands. Follow me to the next step to see more of Baarn.

I will help you to find the best places for food & drinks, the best shops in Baarn & Lage Vuursche, the best accommodations and I will tell you about practical matters as parking spaces, public transport, ATM machines and anything that could be useful for you.

promo clip Royal Baarn

I have 10 video's for you, enjoy watching them!

Continue your visit here to see more videos about Baarn and interesting places.

promotion video of Baarn

Video of Baarn with English voice over

Groeneveld Castle in Baarn

Video of Groeneveld Castle & Park in Baarn

Cantons Park in Baarn

Video of Cantons Park in Baarn with English voice over

Soestdijk Palace in Baarn

Video of Soestdijk Palace in Baarn with English voice over

Lage Vuursche

Video of Lage Vuursche with English voice over

Bicycle Boat

Video of the Bicycle Boat with English voice over

Eemnes & Spakenburg

Video of neighbour villages near Royal Baarn : Eemnes & Spakenburg with English voice over

Baarn Forest Big Lake

Baarn Forest Big Lake - Aerial video by drone - made by Olaf Robberse, Baarn (published with permission)

Baarn Forest Small Lake

Baarn Forest Small Lake - Aerial video by drone - made by Olaf Robberse, Baarn (published with permission)

Baarn's origin

Hello, I will tell you a little bit of the history of our village. Baarn is situated near the river Eem.

This river is the only river with its source and mouth in The Netherlands. Already in the period between 8000 and 4500 BC people have lived near this river. Several thousands of flint, found at archeological digs, proof the existence of men around that time.

The meaning of the name 'Baarn' seems to a reference to an area where fuel was to be found, metathesis switches the r and a around, so branden (to burn) becomes barnen (and looses the d as well).

The origin of Baarn was probably in the 12th century. By that time the existing villages became too small, due to the crusades, the trading with other regions and the growth of the population. Villages needed enough surrounding space for cattle and agriculture. During the 12th century many settlements were made, amongst which probably also Baarn.

The first settlement, near the actual Leestraat most likely comprised about twenty farms. Later in the 14th century the center of town was moved to the Brink.

At that very Brink the church of St.Paul (Pauluskerk) was built in the first half of the 14th century. The St.Paul's church houses a carillon that can be heard quite often.

By the end of the 14th century the bishop of Utrecht granted the people of Baarn city rights, the right to govern their own village. Baarn never received the right to build a city wall.

Baarn & Lage Vuursche

Some practical information for visitors

In this section I will tell you about how to get to Baarn, where you can park your car, do your shopping, find accommodation.
I will be updating this regularly. If you find anything that is no longer valid or if you have any additions please let me know.

How to get there

Baarn is ideally situated in the centre of The Netherlands.

By Train

It takes about an hour to get to Baarn by train, taking a train from Schiphol Airport either straight to Baarn or by changing trains at Weesp and take the train to Baarn. Avoid the Intercity, which will not stop in Baarn. You can find actual train time tables at the Dutch Railways Travel Planner, clicking on the logo.

By Car

Coming from the north or the east of the Netherlands, the A1 also known as E30 will bring you to Baarn. There are two exits at both ends of our town, exit number 10 Soest/Baarn (west) and exit number 11 (east). Take a look at the map which entrance to Baarn fits you best.

Coming from the west, for example if you rented a car at Schiphol Airport, you can also use the A1/E30.

Coming from the South the A27/E311 will lead you to Baarn. Follow it until you see the exit to Amersfoort A1 and then take the exit 10 Soest/Baarn.


Parking your car in Baarn is still free of charge. There are several parking areas, one of them next to the Railway Station with 260 places. In the centre of Baarn you can park your car at Brink square (except on Tuesdays) and on a parking area next to the Laanstraat. There may be blue zone areas for limited parking time, you will need a blue parking disc (available in HEMA). The Dutch word for it is: parkeerschijf.
You can see a map with parking areas on a Dutch website

By bicycle or by foot

Many beautiful roads with cycle paths or even wood trails can lead you to Royal Baarn.

Map of Baarn
Shopping in Baarn
Let's go shopping in Baarn

Central shopping area: Laanstraat, Nieuwstraat and Brinkstraat.

Reigerstraat shopping area with a supermarket, ATM cash machine, hairdresser, drugstore, bicycle shop and a snackbar.

Prof. Krabbelaan shopping area with a supermarket, ATM cash machine, dry cleaning service, hairdresser.

Tuesday morning is market day on Brink square - the parking on Brink square is not available during market hours.

Friday evening is shopping evening until 21 hrs

Sunday opening : most supermarkets open on Sunday afternoon

ATM cash machines in Baarn, The Netherlands can easily be found via

Dutch word for ATM Bank Machine : Geldautomaat.

Free Wifi available

If you have a free wifi spot in Baarn or Lage Vuursche for visitors please inform me about it.

Dorsthuys Demmers
Brink 14
3741 AL Baarn

LAB lunch - fashion & lifestyle
Laanstraat 24
3743 BG Baarn

Supermarket Jumbo Den Blanken
Laanstraat 87
3743 BC Baarn

HOF schoenen (shoe shop)
Laanstraat 95-97
3743 BD Baarn

Mi Casa Su Casa
Laanstraat 111
3743 BD Baarn

Klein Fornuis
Laandwarsstraat 15
3743 BS Baarn

Greek Restaurant Olympia
Nieuw Baarnstraat 18
3743 BR Baarn

Haarmonie Hairdesign
Prof. Krabbelaan 6a
3741 EN Baarn

Pictures of Baarn
Sleeping in Baarn & Lage Vuursche


Kasteel De Hooge Vuursche
Hilversumsestraatweg 14
3744 KC Baarn

T +31 70 4152185




La Promenade
Amalialaan 1
3743 KE Baarn

T +31 35 5412913



Hotel & Camping

PUUR Lage Vuursche
Koudelaan 25
3723 ME Lage Vuursche

T +31 35 6669785




Bungalowpark De Spar
Koudelaan 13
3723 ME Lage Vuursche

T +31 35 6668223



Holiday Homes

Pijnenburg Estate
Pijnenburg 3
3744 BW Baarn

T +31 35 6668200




Allurecamping De Zeven Linden
Zevenlindenweg 4
3744 BC Baarn

T +31 35 6668330



Bed & Breakfast

B&B Boerderij in de polder
Eemweg 43
3741 LA Baarn

T +31 6 51889235


Bed & Breakfast

B&B Anne Jet's Bed and Breakfast
Wijkamplaan 12
3742 WR Baarn

T +31 35 5411357

Free Wifi available at this B&B


Bed & Breakfast

B&B Kuijer
Van Wassenaerlaan 34
3742 AH Baarn

T +31 6 54263920


Bed & Breakfast

B&B Pien's Bed & Breakfast
Kruiskruidlaan 46
3742 EN Baarn

T +31 35 5413223


Bed & Breakfast

B&B Sprey
Nachtegaalhof 10
3741 WZ Baarn

T +31 35 5436650


AirBnB Addresses in Baarn


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